Can You Transplant a Mature Rose???

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As someone who was born and raised in Tyler Texas, the rose capital of the world, I have a healthy respect for the rose bush.  We have festivals, parades, a 14 acre rose garden, a queen and her entourage, a museum and a commitment to all things rosy like you have never seen.  



So you can understand my distress when recently I was face with the dilemma of uprooting and transplanting a mature rose bush. The rosebush, already in full bloom, was beautiful and the idea of moving it was distressing but necessary. So I did what every reasonable person does - I went to Google for answers. I thought I would share my findings with you in case you face a similar challenge with your landscaping

Can you move a mature rose bush? Yes.

Can you move it in the HOT summer?  Yes, but not ideal.

Is there a trick to success? Yes (see link)

Click here for the advice from the expert as I would never want to be the one responsible for the demise of a perfectly good rose bush.

The rest of the story......

After looking over the options of moving the gigantic bush to make room for a walking path, we decided to redirect the path and leave the rose bush where it stood.  Whew!  But if you are looking for something to do in October, head to Tyler and take in some of the rose festivities!

Thanks for reading.