Give Shoes, Give Love! Mar 13 - Apr 6

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Showing compassion is always a step in the right direction.

Create meaningful economic opportunities all around the globe by simply repurposing your gently worn shoes.

We are sponsoring the annual Coldwell Banker® shoe drive in support of Soles4Souls from March 13 through
April 6. Shoes can be dropped off at participating Coldwell Banker United, REALTORS® offices, or you can
arrange for a convenient pick-up. This relief effort fuels Soles4Souls’ micro-enterprise program, helping families
lift themselves out of poverty by creating small businesses selling shoes and clothing.



What shoes are acceptable?

So long as the shoes are still usable (i.e. no major holes or separation of the sole of the shoe) they can be donated.  If condition is questionable, please donate them anyways.  There is a team of people who grade the shoes and distribute them to the appropriate places.
All shoe and boot types are acceptable.  The Soles4Souls team will distribute the appropriate footwear to the appropriate location (i.e. flip flops and warm weather shoes to places with mild climates and boots, etc. to cool weather climates)
New shoes can be donated as well and will be distributed during disaster relief efforts or to help generate micro-businesses in poverty stricken areas across the world.
Used shoes can be stained or used looking.  When protecting your feet is a priority, the appearance becomes less important so long as they are functional.
You CAN donate single shoes!  I know this may seem odd, but there are plenty of people who could use just a left or just a right shoe.  Better to repurpose them than throw them in a trash heap.
All sizes are acceptable from children’s to adults. 


Drop off Locations?

For information about drop off locations go to

SALADO- Text me and I will pick up! 512-571-1259