Pet Parent Guilt When You Go On Vacation?

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This week has been a pet sitting week for me.  My next door neighbors have gone on a fun family vacation, including a road trip, and we are the caretakers for their fur babies while they are out.  My neighbors have a dog and cat, Moose and Dash, respectively.  Moose is a “hefty” older lab with a distinctive salt and pepper coat and Dash is a younger grey tabby cat that is full of energy.  It is pretty darn hot these days so Moose and Dash lounge in the AC for the day and I visit a couple times during the day to let them out, check food and go for walks.  My daily routine has changed to having morning coffee next door while Moose moseys around the yard and Dash, well, dashes.  And I get my morning walk in whether I like it or not.

This got me to thinking about the pet vacation dilemma.  Nobody loves your pet like you do. How do you plan for your pet to have a good time while you are gone?  Here are a few tips from the pros to make you – and your pet- feel better:

1-      Make sure ID tags are up to datecheck out this site..

2-      Leave detailed instructions – make sure these include any “personality traits” such as…Moose will run to the next state if you let him get out the front door!

3-      If you are boarding or taking your pet to another home – Bring some comforts of home along.

4-      Keep your goodbye SHORT!  Animals have a keen way of knowing something is up and are probably already on to you with this vacation business so be casual, cool and quick with your goodbyes.

For more advice from the experts click here!

Enjoy your pets and your vacations and thanks for reading!


Moose and Dash would not cooperate for a picture!

Moose and Dash