Why Selling a Home in The Fall is a Good Idea

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Good Reasons You SHOULD Consider a Fall Home Listing

While the idea of a "spring selling season" has many merits, the fall can be the next best time to sell and there are some really good reasons why!

The Numbers

The National Association of Realtors reports that 34 percent of homes sell within 30 days on the market during the fall selling season. 

The Reasons to Sell

The fall market may be a bit slower, but that also means there is less competition!  There are always buyers out there and if your home is priced right, the fall can be a pleasant time to list.

How to Show Your Home

Selling in the fall does have some seasonal challenges.  Here are few tips on how to use the fall to your selling advantage.


1. Keeping it Warm

Even in cooler months, wide open windows and blinds let in natural light that add warm and brightness to your home.  Clean the windows and let the light shine in!  If you have a gas fireplace, a low fire creates a welcoming ambiance and adds some warmth.

2. Seasonal Decor

Fall is a favorite time for seasonal decor that appeals all types of folks.  Fall foliage, wreaths and throw pillows are an easy way to give your home a fall flair.  Don't forget the spice candle.

3. Fall Curb Appeal

Maintaining a good first impression outside your home is vital.  While mowing the yard may not be an issue, it is important to keep the leaves raked and gutters clean.  Add a few fall mums and pumkins and voila! you have an inviting fall home.

4. Who is Buying

Talk with your agent about buyers that typically look in the fall - first time home buyers and empty nesters.  Your agent will create a marketing plan that targets your best source of buyer!

5. Seasonal Pictures

Have a photo album with pictures of your home in other seasons!  Need pictures?  Go back through your social media accounts. You minght be surprised at what photos you would find with your home displayed.  Thinking about listing in the future?  Start snapping some of those candids now.

Thanks for reading.