Why Use a Realtor For New Construction


Why Use a Realtor In New Construction?

Super question!  

Central Texas is filled with beautiful new developments chalked full of builders that are ready to build new homes.  You might think that this is an easy process and eliminate a real estate agent.  DON'T....here's why.

1. It Doesn't Cost More. Most builders and developments welcome agents to bring customers and don't mark up the price if you use an agent. 

2. Sales Agents Represent the Builder.  I personally know some the most awesome sale agents in new construction.  But this does not change the fact that at the end of the day they represent the builder not the buyer.  Having a licensed agent on your side means a confidential and trusted advisor that only represents you, the buyer, and your best interests.

3. An Added Buffer. Realtors are experienced in knowing what to look for in a real estate transaction and can be a knowledgeable liaison for you in the building process.

4. Choosing the Perfect Development.  There are MANY beautiful new developments to choose from!  You can drive around all day or get your Realtor to narrow down the choices by doing the leg work for you and finding the locations and home plans that meet your needs and wants.

5. Lending Options and Closing Help.  No matter what the scenario, there are several hiccups that can arise during the real estate process.  An agent with a robust support team can navigate lending and closing issues to help you reach your goal of new home ownership.

I am a licensed REALTOR.  Let me help you with your new construction home selection in Central Texas!